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Welcome to “Pops Pages”.  I am very grateful you decided to stop by and share my Journey.  I am “Kinda Retired” sort of.  By that I mean I needed something to do so as not to feel useless every day.  I know, I could cut the grass, exercise, do a hobby (Like Fishing!),  and work on the “Honey do” stuff.  Well,  you can only go fishing so much…!journey

Truth is, I love sharing and teaching what I know and I needed something that keeps me entertained and engaged.  Pop’s Pages has given me this and more.  My channel to let it all out and tell it like it is.

To help you understand where I am coming from, I was forced to retire last November and it wasn’t long before I realized I just wasn’t ready.  My whole being was such a mess.

Folks, I went to work about 7am every day for 27 years at the same company.  When that was cut off I lost my direction.  My reason for getting up every day.

Babe (my wife of over 30 years) says I work more now than I did then.  The best things is, I do it from home and can stop any time I wish.  Frankly, I am having the best time of my life doing what charges my emotional  batteries.  I hope I can give that energy and purpose to you through these pages.

The key part of this “Blog” is to share my “Journey” as a person and a leader with those that journeywish to read and hear about it.  What will make this meaningful is that you gain one or two golden nuggets that change your life in some positive way.  Something that adds value to “Who you are” or “Who you will become”.

This is not to say “I know all and be all” as I do not.  I used to say, “Everything I have learned was from someone else.  I never had an original thought in my life”.  I am but one star in the sky trying to shine my light so others can see.  To share what I know so others may benefit.  I hope I provide some inspiration where it is needed, how it is needed,  and when it was needed, for you.

Here is a short list of what I hope to share as this site matures:

  1. How I Grew a Successful Business – The is a Multi-Part series and a work in progress.
  2. Self Help and Personal Growth – Providing recommendations on reading and Audio materials that had an impact on me.
  3. Online Business Advice – I am new to this Journey so I want to build this as I learn what to do and what “Not” to do.
  4. Random Topics I come up with that cause emotional responses.  As an example: I am so wanting to write about the “Driving Habits of Citizens” and maybe I reach someone to save their life.  Plus I just get to “Rant” about how inconsiderate they are on the road (smile).
  5. An Online Shopping Mall area which helps me monetize this site and afford to keep it going.

MY MISSION:  To enhance and bring value to your life.

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Thanks again for stopping into Pop’s.  I hope you will join me some more as we create a long term relationship together.  Would love to see you register to get access right away when I post “New Content” that may interest you.

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