Cosmetics and Personal Products

Now Pop’s doesn’t use much in the way of cosmetics 🙂  However, I do appreciate when the ladies pay attention to themselves.  Your Spouse, Partner, or Significant Other will thank you for finding the right products to compliment your already Beautiful Self!  It is important to take time out for ourselves.  To feel Pretty and Sexy for that special someone.  Yes, the Men can do this too!  cosmetics.

Bath and Shower Items to Feel Good all over

From bath salts to aroma therapy items to sooth the body. cosmetics Maybe put you too sleep.  And then there is Rubber Ducks for bath time!  Why not havecosmetics some fun too….  Live a little and enjoy your bath time the way you want.

Fragrances for the Olfactory Senses

I attended a seminar once and the speaker said something I will always cosmeticsremember.  Mark Victor Hansen was his name.  He said, “I want the olfactory nature of my environment to imbue my cosmeticsnostrils and fluff my aura”.  This is what I think of when I smell a great perfume.  When I put on a manly cologne for my sweetie.  We have earned the right to smell good so COME Get Your Aura!

Hair Care Products

Glistening and Shiny hair that feels nice.  Smells nice.  Hair you can’t get cosmeticsenough of is the “Bomb”.  So, products for Men and Women and the entire family.  If you need curling rods to give him cosmeticsthat new look!  Her too:)  Perhaps you need a hair treatment to help with damaged hair.  Everyone is different and has specialized needs.  Me just give me a good bar of soap and call it good.  COME SEE.

Cosmetics to Make Up With

Awwww do you need to Make Up!  Rosy those cheeks and color your eyelids. cosmetics Treat yourself to the right cosmetics that will enhance and protect your skin.  Get yourself camera ready so you can just Selfie away! cosmetics After all, It’s All About You for sure.  You walk tall, with a spring in your step, when you look your best.  When you look your best, you feel your best.  Good things happen.  Come in and MAKE UP!

Skin Care Products to Shine With

Our skin puts up with a ton of abuse from us.  Since it is the only skin we cosmeticswill ever have, out duty is to take good care of it.  Protect it cosmeticsfrom the sun with blockers and use hydrating lotions on it to keep it smooth.  As we get older, it gets less elastic and needs some TLC to continue looking and feeling good.  COME ON and Protect yourself!