Digital Business Tools

In our World today, there are so many things we can do with just a computer and Internet connection (or Smart phone – our little computer).  We can shop and never leave our home.  And, We can Work at Home independently.  Business and Online go right together and You can capitalize on this.  There are some fantastic Digital Business Tools to help you build your business. You just have to know how to tap into these and also how to use them.


Business Marketing Tools:  A complete list of tools needed for a business.  Some you may have already and some you may not know exist.  Really powerful when you put them together correctly to generate new clients and keep them.


Email Marketing Made Simple:  This is where building your business takes on a whole new meaning.  Set up “Auto Response” email when your clients subscribe to your business.  Almost a “set and forget” automation so you have more time to focus on other areas of your business.


Social Networking – Build your Online Presence:  Social Media Marketing is just getting bigger.  The biggest companies all have people dedicated to increasing their businesspresence in the Social Networking environment.  Frankly said, if you are not working on your Online Presence and Online Branding, you are missing the opportunity to grow either your own personal image or your business image.     See more info and details here:

Let’s face it, if we lost our internet today it would be like our electricity went out.  We communicate today in seconds.  Not like in my day with the rotary phone :).  You had to go to a phone booth to call someone.  No one worried about you for hours because communication was different back then.  Today, if someone doesn’t hear from you in an hour, you get 10 text message’s asking where you at.