With Go Green Products you can actually use and DIY.   We will be constantly updating things as we find them. As a Do it yourself type person, I love products I can build that will benefit my life and the planet.  Save money, trees, and resources.

Make your Own Electricity!  Electric bills are not going away.  Let’s take a look at a DIY prodject you can build yourself that can reduce your electric bill. It can give you power when the lights go out!  Maybe save all that food in the refrigerator.  Come On Let’s Find Out More About It!

Go Green with a Revolutionary New Nano Towel!  Throw away your paper towels and save those trees.  Take a Go Greenlook at this revolutionary new towel that holds many times more the water than ordinary paper towels. GO HERE and check it out if your interested…..

Solar Stirling Plant – Do It Yourself Power Plant! As you can imagine, Big Energy doesn’t want you to make you own electricity. go green Selling you electricity is their core business.  I find this a little weird because these same companies have mandated programs.  These programs have incentives to REDUCE electricity.  So you see, it doesn’t make sense they don’t like these solutions.  Solar and Wind is a free commodity if you know how to capture the energy.  Build your own Solar Plant Here.

 Always more to come in this category.  Our world is changing and the worlds resources can only go one way – right?  So as more exciting products come along that fit this category I want you to be made aware of them.  Come back and visit every once in a while to see whats new on the site.