House Sitting – Anywhere in the World

You want to explore House Sitting or you need to find a House Sitter.  So, it is tough to find the right venue to Put your House and/or pets out there to find someone to House Sit for you and maybe your pets. is the place to go for these needs.

Why would I become a House Sitter?

Are you Retired?  Do you want to travel on a shoe house sitterstring?  Or are you single and just want to see more of the world?  These are great reasons to become a House Sitter.  AND see places you only dream of across the Globe.

Maybe your own home is being remodeled and you need somewhere to stay for a while.  You see, House sitting could be just what you need right in your own back yard.

How do I find House Sitting Candidates?

When you sign up with your will house sittingmatched up with reliable house sitting candidates from all over.  Also, these people that have been vetted for you.  And finally you have peace of mind when you leave your home to someone else that is taking care of one of your most prize possessions.

house sitting  Go here if you want to Find a House Sitter OR Become a House Sitter.

This sounds pretty incredible I know.  Not everyone can do this.  Maybe your one who needs to FIND a House sitter or House and Pet sitter!  This is the place.  If it fits your desire, then it could be for you.  Spend 2 weeks,  and sometimes, months house sitting.


What Current People are saying:

When you’re in Tahoe and have a sitting gap to fill before your next Tahoe house sit. Then a listing  appears which fills that gap perfectly and is in Tahoe! Applied, interviewed and confirmed in less than 12 hours! …. Dave & Kathy LoveTheWorld

“Your service has helped us find a perfect match within a month of signing up. Thank you! This housesit allows us to be back near family and friends at a time when our family is growing (my niece and her husband are adopting a baby), and in a way that gives us time to think about where we want to travel next. (The assignment is for a full year.) We’re thrilled! …”