Is Digital Marketing for me?

Thanks for joining me.  OK, this will seem long winded but I promise you it will be entertaining and informative.  I will show you how to get some little known marketing tools and processes.

You arrived on this page for a reason, whatever that may be, so I social mediawanted to “Grab” your attention for just a few minutes.  I know that right now a part of you may be thinking, “There is no way I can be this – no way”.  That part of you is trying to reconcile why you came to this page but your gut is telling you to continue finding out more about this opportunity.  So, let’s satisfy your need to know more.

Let me first say this to you.  Without meeting you I can say this about you:  “You are worth it.  You are a champion.  Your life matters.  You can do anything you set your mind to do.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does, it only matters what you believe and I believe in you!”  How can I say this without ever having met you?  Because I care about you and I want you to know your worth as a person.

The world is full of Nay Sayer’s that can put strong road blocks in front of you if you let them.  Don’t let them……Choose your own destiny and follow your own dream.  Surround yourself with like minded people.  Set the goals you want to achieve and then go get them.  There is no other way.

So, lets settle the question; “Is Digital Marketing for me?”  

To do that I need to share my journey and why I chose this path …

My working life started as I served my country for 6 years in the United States Marine Corps.  Afterwards, I worked in various fast food establishments for a few years.  Then went to school to be an air conditioning professional which lasted 27 years with one company.

I served many roles with this company.  My final role was as VP of one of their locations.  I was the leader of 150 people at times.  I was in my element and woke up every day excited to go to work.

The last couple of years saw many changes in the business. I was no longer excited to go to work…

Then, it happened…

In November 2016. After 27 years, the company I worked for went in a new direction, did some downsizing, and I was no longer needed. If I am being honest, part of me had already been thinking about changing jobs. I was no longer happy in my work.

Of course, like many of us often do, I ignored that gut feeling telling me it was time to move on.

It was easier to stay in my comfort zone than to forge into the unknown after so many years doing the same thing every day. As I said, the company made the decision for me and I found myself waking up one day at 60 years old and I had nowhere to go. You can imagine how unsettling this was.

My Emotions were on fire!

The effect of what happened didn’t really set in right away. I had a little timesocial media to decide so I spent a month or so just piddling around with the Honey Do List. Going on a couple of fishing trips.

The whole time, I have this pit in my stomach. Nothing I did seemed to satisfy the growing hunger in my spirit…

My entire being was a mess. My self-worth took a huge nose dive. I was used to interacting with 50 to 150 people every day. People that looked to me for answers and guidance. This was the daily juice I drank and it was no longer in my life.

I had to pay the bills…

You probably already figured out I had bills going out and no paycheck coming in. I knew I had to go back to work for someone else or I needed to work for myself (one of my life goals).

Either way, I had to do something because I couldn’t continue the way things were. The stress of it was literally affecting my health and emotional wellbeing. So, I forged ahead into the unknown.

Just when I needed it most…

I am certain that things happen for a reason. My whole life has been this way. Opportunities and solutions presented themselves when I needed them most. It was no different this time…

I remember my mother telling me many times, “God is going to bless you because I have claimed this for you”. I am certain God has blessed me way more than I probably deserve…

This is how it happened…

I was on YouTube starting to watch a video on digital and social marketing when an ad presented itself for the 3rd or 4th time. I had seen it before but always pushed the skip ad button when I did.

I cannot explain to you why I watched the entire presentation this time. I felt like I should. A man named Keala shared his story and the struggles he went through. Struggles I am going through.

I found him to be down to earth, just like me, with a vision and desire to help others realize their own dreams.

He himself went from working in a coffee shop earning minimum wage to making a 6-figure income at home. Not overnight, but with determination and hard work. He never gave up on his dream. A dream I wanted for myself (my life goals).

I took action!

I couldn’t sign up fast enough. I clicked on the link provided to get my free eBook on Freelance Marketing Secrets. I entered my email, downloaded the eBook, and studied the whole thing right away.

I was very encouraged by what I learned in the eBook and I wanted to know more. I knew at this point I could be a Freelance Marketer.

I then signed up for the Bonus Live Master Class Workshop where I took 6 pages of notes from the workshop alone. I learned stuff I never knew existed.

This workshop was way more solid information than the eBook can deliver on paper alone. This is a must see.

Did I have doubts? Sure I did. Part of me was wondering if this was for real. Naturally fearful of the unknown. But I have such a belief in my own ability to succeed at whatever I put my mind to, I overcame those doubts.

After all, the eBook and Master Workshop were both free so I had nothing to lose.

I was so impressed with what was presented I signed up as a member. Once a member, my initial doubts melted away as I began to use the training and tools. I instantly trusted the leadership as I watched and listened to them train and mentor.

Go after my dream or go back to work?

I could have gone back to work for someone else. I was confident I could find


a job but that wasn’t my dream and I wanted my dream before it was too late.

I didn’t want to regret not making this decision. I intend on living life on my own terms now.

Here is why I knew this was for me:

  1. All I needed was a computer and internet connection, anywhere.
  2. No experience was needed.
  3. I can work at a time that is convenient to me.
  4. A training platform laid out in easy to understand video lessons.
  5. A community of “Like Minded People” who support each other and understand the journey.
  6. A mentor/coach assigned to me that I reach out to when needed.
  7. I didn’t have to quit my job to get started (for me this didn’t matter because I didn’t have a job)

I want you to join my journey!

I believe in paying it forward and I wanted to share how you can join me on this journey. All you need to invest right now is some of your time. The rest of your life is worth a little of your time, isn’t it?

Here is a link to the free eBook so you can see for yourself why I chose this new path for my life.  When you get the eBook find the link for the Live Master Class Workshop and register.   FREE eBook Click Here  

Find The Courage…

It takes courage to start a new path, I know. You must believe it will happen before it actually does. It takes a leap of faith from which you muster the strength to change your current circumstance.

PS: In case you missed the link above for the free eBook here it is again for you: FREE eBook Click Here.

Your invited to a life changing path

My name is Bill Fortner (or Pop’s) call me either.  I wanted to share with you this program that has given me a new purpose and vision for my life and my family.  I have found my new home and want you to find the same and feel the way I feel.

If that is not enough, this program has some fantastic Leaders that will teach you Solid Self Improvement and Business principles.  It will help you develop a personal skill set that can change the way you think and approach your life and your business.

I was truly grateful how complete this program was and what impact it is having on my very being.  It is changing my life every day I am a part of it.

My life now has focus and purpose.  Most importantly, I love it and it makes me happy and that makes my Wife Happy.

Here is a video that Keala created to tell you about this opportunity.  Listen to his short story and what he has to offer you, just as I did.  Then do something about it.

Done watching the video? PRESS HERE Now to get your Free EBook on “Freelance Marketing Secrets”….social media

If you watched the video already Keala does the best at explaining what is in store for you…  

Your a tough cookie and fighting that part of you that knows you should learn more about this opportunity.  I know your time is valuable to you and the last thing we want is to waste it.   But isn’t your future worth a little time investment?  Here is what you can expect:

  • One – Download the eBook on “Freelance Marketing Secrets”.   It’s Free and packed full of information.  Keep it no matter what.
  • Two – Attend the Bonus Freelance Marketing Master Class workshop  where you will see some barely known ways to do Digital Marketing.  Actionable items you can use right now for FREE.  It is a 2 hour Webinar and it’s Live – real time.  Have a Pen and Notebook ready to write down the valuable information to be shared.
  • Three – There is more in store for you…If you have the juice.

This is NOT a “Get Rich Quick” scheme.   Please don’t fall for those ads that promise you overnight success.  We cannot promise you will succeed because that part is up to you.  Huh?  “Up to Me?”  Yes … it is.

This requires you to apply yourself, learn, and be “Coachable”.  It requires you to possess a willingness to change some of your paradigms.  I am over 60 now and still learning.  I am an “Old Dog” learning new tricks.  If I can do it, so can you.

Let’s do a quick goal setting exercise:

Get out your “Life Goals” list or  start a new set and write them down.  No matter how unobtainable they might seem today, please write them down. The sky is the limit so don’t hold back. If money were not a consideration, what goals would you set? What would be on your bucket list?  Caution:  You might feel a rush as you write them down.

Here are some of mine:  100-acre ranch in Texas, Home on a lake, new life for my children, Vacation destinations, no bills, skydiving, just to name a few.

You see, When you write something down and visualize it, it becomes real and your subconscious starts to work on ways to get it. Don’t ask me how but this works.

Think about this another way.  If you don’t write down any goals, will you achieve them?  Of course you will!  This is where so many of us are in our lives today.

I have seen other offers like this!

No, you have not.  I can tell you I have tried similar programs and quit them when I found this one.  This one is so well put together, step by step, on the money.   It has been put together methodically like no other I have seen.  Step by step you start getting the right tools, how to use them, and how to put them together to work for you.

Even if you have some experience, tried other training, this one will open your eyes because of how in depth and spot on it is.  So GO HERE to see for yourself what it’s all about.

PS:  Let me recap for you:

  • Get a FREE eBook with Freelance Marketing Secrets you can download right away.  Keep it, it’s yours.
  • When you download your Free eBook you will find the link for the Master Class workshop and register.  Pick your best time to listen to this.  It will last 2 hours.  It won’t waste your time.
    • You will come away with very little known actionable items you can use right away.  Be prepared to take notes.
    • And, Yes you will get one “First Rate” education.
      social media

PRESS HERE and start a new journey – Right Now!