Make Your Own Electricty with this Solar Project

Electricity today is “Essential” and none of us want to be WITHOUT it.  If the solar projectpower goes out you have so many things  to be concerned about.  Refrigerated foods and medicines.  Maybe you live in a very hot climate so air conditioning is a necessity.  So, how can you get back up power and it not cost an arm and a leg?

This project is one that I am in the process of learning.  I bought the directions and after reading them, I know I can create some back-up power that works.  Just not sure how “Big” I want to build it.

Why did this peak my interest?

  1. I could take this camping, fishing, pretty much anywhere I would be without electricity.  Giving me the abiity to have lighting and a place to charge phones and even run a TV if I so desired.
  2. Power at my house goes out from time to time.  I live in Cypress Texas and pretty close to the coast.  We have hurricanes threaten all the time and tropical storms.  These tend to knock the power out for at least a few hours and sometimes for days.
  3. If I wanted to, I could scale it up and start significantly reducing my electric bill.

Watch the Video all the way through!

When you visit this site it has a pretty lengthy video.  I was entertained the entire way through.  There is a lot of information in the video.  It’s a great story.  One you can relate to in one way or another.

Benefits of this Solar Project:

  • For less than a $400 hundred dollars you can build your own.  I looked up all the parts new and it was about $400 to buy them all new.  I am certain I can find these items for less if I search some project
  • Portable enough you can take it to the cabin on the lake!
  • Build it a little bigger and you could have the power company pay you each month!
    • This will require some additional steps and expense to accomplish.
  • Take up as little as 20 square feet of space when operational and then you can put it away in the garage if you like.
  • When charged you will be able to plug in lights, USB charge cables, and appliances as long as you don’t exceed the power requirements.

Let’s take a look at a DIY product you can build yourself that can provide you with much needed power for a time if and when the Power Goes Out.   Maybe save all that food in the refrigerator.

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July 7th, 2017

Pops here!  I am going to build this myself.  I do have some experience working with electricity and power.  This will certainly make it easier for me to build this but after reviewing the material, it will be easy to complete for anyone who is skilled at following directions and putting things together.

Of Course, the caution is “Working with electricity can be dangerous – Do this at your own risk and seek expert advice if needed”.