Mobile does not mean what it used to (if your my age :)).  With today’s Mobile the Apps and Games available to us on our is literally becoming unlimited.  You can run an entire business within the palm of your hand.   Incredible how far technology has come.  I bought my first Windows 95 Mobile appsComputer, a Gateway and it was the best you could buy (Yes over 20 years ago!).  $3500 bucks.  This Gateway had the biggest Hard Drive (6 GigaBite). I think it was a 66 MHz processor (I upgraded from a 33 when I ordered the Gateway) and now they are at 3 GHz and faster.  One year later they were 2 times as big and twice as fast AND 1/2 the price.  Now my phone is 10 times more powerful, if not more.  Simply incredible.

Appportunity –How to make a Mobile App for Android and IPhone!  Many of us have asked ourselves, while playing games on our phone, “I wish I could make a game”.  The question is, “How to make a Mobile App”.  Where do I go to learn. I don’t know the first thing about programming.  You should give Apportunity a look here:

Photography Tips and Tricks for Digital Camera’s!  Almost everyone has a smartphone or digital camera.  We all use them for every day for taking photo’s.  SOME of us wish we could do a better job of taking pictures with our phone.  Well, someone has advice to improve you smartphone photography skills and give you some tricks and special effects as well.  Check it out here!