Self Help and Personal Growth is near and dear to my heart.  Whether your a Mother or Father, a sole proprieter,  or perhaps a Leader in a business.  To me, Success is achieved through your ability to open your mind and let it learn.

If you found section your looking to change who you are today for whom you will be tomorrow.  This is no small task to be certain.  Many of us do not want to admit we are lacking and could use an upgrade.

self help

Books are a fantastic way getting Self Help and learning what other people and leaders have used to change their success formula.  Become better Leaders of people.  Be successful in business.

Hover over the Self Help menu to see what categories I currently have for you and to see what treasures I have picked out for you to consider reading.

self help

I will probably say this more than once:  I dare you to read these books and not change.  Reading these will result in your Personal Growth.  You will not be able to avoid it if you truly pay attention to your reading and select the right reading material.

I have ready many books and honestly, not everything in them resonated with me but I grasped onto what I could understand and accomplish.  I usually found at least one concept that I then used and worked on.  Then read the book again to pick up some more juicy morsels.