Business Marketing Tools

Hello my friends!  This page is dedicated to revealing some essential tools to help you build your business or become a better marketer.  Here is a list of interests I believe can benefit from these fine tools:

  1. Marketing Agencies
  2. Freelance Marketers (New Marketers Too!)
  3. Small and Large Business Owners
  4. Marketing Managers
  5. Social Marketing Professionals
  6. Start-up Businesses wanting to get their business off the ground
  7. New or existing Online Businesses

Your online presence is frankly, #1 priority in todays environment.  There is online marketing toolsan art to building a loyal following for your business.  Frankly, I was a leader in a business for about 20 years and I relied on others (paid them) to help me grow the business.  I didn’t always feel they had a grip on the best way to help me grow.

The programs below have detailed training on how to use their systems to grow your business.  I encourage you to take advantage of that training as it is very valuable.  In fact, it is essential that you do not take the do it yourself path to using these tools.  A little bit of up front time

As you might expect, they want you to purchase their services long term but I can tell you it is well worth it when you learn how to use the tools effectively.  Take if off your taxes as a business expense.

I want to put these in order of where you might begin your journey if you were starting a “New Business”:

Domain Name:  The first thing you want to do is decide what to name your Company, Business, or Blog.  If this is a Blog your are creating you may just use your own name or variation.

If there is a Product Brand and you own the rights you will want to secure that Domain Name.  The idea is to make it “Memorable” so your clients can find you easily.  Keep the name as short as possible.  It helps if it also matches your purpose.

This is the name you will use when you select Web Hosting services and also when setting up your Website.  I used GoDaddy to secure my desired Domain Name.  The extention you select I believe is important too; .com or .net are what I believe are the two most popular with the internet crowd.

Hosting Site (Coming Soon)

Creating Your Own Website:  Word Press basic is a free package from which you can create your own website.  It comes packed with hundreds of free themes and several plug-ins to get you up and running as quick as you can type up your “Front Page”.   HostGator above has a Word Press website install that you can easily  set up after you sign up for website hosting.  From there, you can upgrade all kinds of items within your website.  You have many “Free” themes to choose how your website will look to your visitors.

EMAIL MARKETING SYSTEMS:  If your a business you collect emails so you can build a relationship with your loyal clients.  Not all email collection systems are the same so make your selection wisely:

  • Get Response is the most detailed and comprehensive email marketing system I have found and that I personally use.   For a detailed look at this program I have a full page dedicated to this program in particular as it is “That Important”.  You have a 30 day free trial period to kick the tires.  Test out my email newsletter “Subscribe” to the left or right of this page.  Check you email afterwards. GO HERE TO SEE MORE about Get Response.
  • Response Magic is my second selection, less robust but can be effective.  You can create an email collection system for your website so you can market to your loyal followers.  There is a very good video to tell you more about it.  They also have a 30 day free trial period to test it out and see if it is right for you.  GO HERE TO SEE MORE.

OFFER TRACKING SYSTEMS:  How do you know if your marketing is working?  How do you know how many people looked at your offer or clicked to your website.  Spray and Pray is costly when you cannot identify which of your marketing efforts worked the best.  Imagine finding just “One” of your adds that did 3 times better than the others.  You stop the ads that are not performing and put more effort into this one ad that is performing and your results could triple.  That’s how powerful this tracking system can be.

  • Click Magic – 14 day Free Trial to go through the detailed “How To’s” and set up some tracking for the ads you put in place.

LEAD PAGES is a great platform that helps you collect email adresses and direct interested clients to your offers.  You can test different landing pages ( could be called squeeze pages) to see which ones resonate better with your clients.  This becomes part of a “Sales Funnel” you create with all the tools listed on this page.  They all work together to create your funnel.  Lead pages has a14 Day Free Trial period.  Click Here to visit Lead Pages and find out more.

digital marketing tools digital marketing tools

What if I told you it is possible to learn how to connect all these programs into one giant “Marketing System”?  You can learn all this on your own but it may take a while to really understand how to use them together.  Or … you could learn from someone who has already mapped out the best way to capitalize on these programs and use them effectively.

Just so you know, If I were going to start a business, this would be a program I would choose to learn how to Market my business.  Local or national business, doesn’t matter.  The concepts are the same for Marketing.  I would bet that you will learn some things you didn’t know if you see what This Company has for training.  14 Day money back guarantee just to try it out.  A Coach is assigned to guide you based on your needs assessment.

See more about this on my website right here at:  Click Here for more information on Digital Marketing