Solar Stirling Plant – Do It Yourself Power Plant

As you can imagine, Big Energy doesn’t want you to make you own electricity.  Selling you electricity is their core business.  I find this a little weird because these same companies have mandated programs.  These programs have incentives to REDUCE electricity.  So you see, it doesn’t make sense they don’t like these solutions.  Solar and Wind is a free commodity if you know how to capture the energy.

For me, it means the big companies won’t need to build more Power Plants as these solutions gain momentum.  So a WARNING!!! We have lost access to many sites we find for do it yourself Solar Solutions.  Not certain how long this will last.  This is not to make you buy it,  just a fact of the situation.

Build Your Own Solar Power Plant!

For as little as $100 Dollars!

This is VERY exciting.  This power generator can save you up to 40% on your electric bill with the small unit you can solar diybuild.  That savings is on a modest size home.  If you build more than one or a couple of BIG units you could be getting PAID each month by the Electric Company.  Your meter will run BACKWARDS!

Lower your bill or even “Kiss it Goodbye” in just days…

Can I Build a Solar Power Plant Myself?

Yes you can!  It is simple and easy to build.  This comes from a century old idea by a Dr. Robert Stirling, the inventor.  It’s is called appropriately, the “Stirling Engine“.  Designed for locomotives in the 1800’s.

Tell me the Details of this Solar Engine!

  • Materials could cost as little as $100 dollars.
  • You can build it over a weekend if you have the
  • The plans are simple, concise, with plenty of pictures.
  • Start saving the SAME day you put it in place.
  • One unit takes up very little space.
  • Generates up to 12 times a regular solar panel.
  • If you have the right Sun exposure, you can place it on the ground.
  • Technical support is ready to help if you get stuck.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

You simply have to watch this Video.  It’s Fantastic!