The American Accent Course – Your speech accent is holding you back

Do you have a speech accent?  Maybe your core language is something other than English.  Or, your from a Southern or Northern area where youspeech accent have a definitive speech accent.  No matter the case it is possible to learn how to speak without an accent.  Now that feels weird saying that.  Don’t we all have an accent?  One way or another?For instance, Actors sometimes need to change their accent.  Rick Grimes (not his real name of course) on the Walking Dead is a Brit but you couldn’t tell it in the show.  Below is some training that can help change your accent.

Discover How to alter your Speech Accent – STEP BY STEP

speech accent
The American Accent Course is a unique and proven online accent reduction program for people who have learned English as a second language.   Thousands of people have benefited and now, you can, too. You may have been speaking English for years, so why hasn’t your accent become clearer?
  • Get help so other people can understand you better
  • Obtain that job you have been interviewing for
  • Stop repeating yourself and the frustration that you feel

How Can I Speak Normal English with little or NO Speech Accent?

Chances are very good that you’ve never had the opportunity to learn much about English pronunciation and even less about actual speech accent.  Speech Accent training is rarely a part of the English training program.  Perhaps many of your former teachers didn’t even speak to you in English.

As adults, we can’t hear the difference between certain sounds and rhythms that are new to us unless someone points them out.  So, until we recognize those and learn how to make them, we cannot incorporate them into our speech.  But don’t worry.  It doesn’t mean you cannot change your pronunciation or accent.  You just need the right instruction.  That’s what you learn with this program.